GOLD CREEK CONSULTING LTD. provides Wellsite Geological Consulting Services with over 35 years of extensive exploration geology experience in conventional reservoirs and non-conventional Shale Gas projects throughout North America, parts of Europe and Iraq.

In this rapidly changing Industry, it is more important than ever to have a experienced Wellsite Geological Consulting personnel to provide the necessary attributes for concise and accurate Field Data Interpretation. Gold Creek Consulting Ltd. brings to the table these skills with over thirty five years of Exploration Geological Experience and much more. Our business has the ability to provide customers with any specialty geological services required to fulfill their needs to evaluate any enhanced drilling program.

Each Project is followed up with a complete and concise Geological Report including full colored Strip Logs containing all pertinent engineering drilling data and a professional graphic geological interpretation.

We are a proud Canadian Company which serves the World Oil & Gas Sector and is continually committed to provide clients with the best Wellsite Geological Consulting Services in the business.


Gold Creek Consulting Ltd. is dedicated to provide Clients with superior, professional and concise Wellsite Exploration Data. Henceforth, allowing the Client to make accurate property evaluations and decisions to meet their projects full potential.