Contract Sample Washers Benefit Wellsite Geologists

Sample Washers can be a Beneficial Alternative for Cutting Costs 

With the introduction of new drilling technology to increase the drilling rates, as well as the Oil Companies attempts to reduce up-stream operating costs; there are now greater demands on Wellsite Geologists to effectively time balance their daily duties. In some cases Oil Companies are opting to “waiver” expensive Wireline Logging Costs at “TD”, therefore basing their play development assumptions only on the crucial Geological Samples taken while drilling, as well as the Wellsite Geologist’s Sample Interpretation from his or her Strip Log. All these factors together point to the fact that the On-Site Geologist’s interpretations are more important than ever. Therefore sufficient time is required to fully evaluate samples to produce an accurate interpretation.

With this development, some Companies are opting to go with two-man teams working a twelve hour shift, which doubles Wellsite manpower costs. Others have introduced “Contract Sample Washers” for half the cost of a second Wellsite Geologist. These “Contract Sample Washers” not only are able to clean and prepare geological samples for the Geologist but also assist in the collection of “Specialty Samples” such as GeoJars, Isotube Gas Samples, etc. With this part of the Wellsite Geologist’s duties being taken care of, it gives the On-Site Geologist more precious time to evaluate, interpret and plot vital sample information. This results in a far superior end product being submitted to the Client allowing the Oil Company to make a more accurate exploration and production decision. As a result, it only makes sense that Companies would be seeking ways to receive the best quality information possible at a reasonable cost. Therefore in my books “Contract Sample Washers” are well worth the ticket.

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