GOLD CREEK’s Commitment to Workplace Safety


Kelowna, British Columbia         August 31st, 2014

Gold Creek Consulting Ltd. is committed to maintain and operate under the highest occupational health and safety standards in the workplace for all our clients. All  company personnel along with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers, are required to perform their duties to the requirements demanded by each individual clients safety standards, both on and off the jobsite. Gold Creek Consulting thrives to operate in a working environment to ensure no injuries, facility or equipment are damaged and with no negative environment impact.

Therefore, it is Gold Creek Consulting Ltd. policy to:

a)     Comply with and implement all relevant HSE legislation, regulations and other workplace safety requirements on each individual worksite.

b)    Pledge that systems are developed and implemented to identify, assess and monitor potential Workplace Hazards related to our business activities.

c)     Put into action HSE objectives and targets to achieve superior “Worksafe”  performance through the utilization of continuous assessment, discussion and safety policy improvements by all personnel.

d)    Provide the necessary safety training, communication and education to enable our subcontractors to understand and perform their roles and responsibilities involved with their job functions.

Our mandate assures the customers of Gold Creek Consulting Ltd. that a complete commitment to achieve the highest standards of HSE policy objectives will be implemented through the actions of all personnel while performing their work duties.