Wellsite Services


GOLD CREEK CONSULTING LTD. provides clients with Senior Geological Wellsite Consulting Services for the Global Oil & Gas Industry. Client requirements are met with over 30 years of extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional geological reservoirs throughout North America, parts of Western Europe and Iraq.

GOLD CREEK CONSULTING LTD. specializes in the identification of structurally complex geological reservoirs components through enhanced sample interpretation. Supervision of all aspects during onsite Drilling operations of Oil & Gas projects are handled in a professional and timely manner, providing the client with “Real Time” detailed data to make informed decisions to the program without delays.

GOLD CREEK CONSULTING LTD. also has extensive experience in the exploration and development of “SHALE GAS” reservoirs throughout Western Canada and Europe. Gold Creek’s expertise was contracted by Talisman Energy to bring forth “North American Operation” (NOA) procedures and standards to their Overseas Operations in Northern Poland; on their first “Shale Gas” project in Lewino, Poland.

Services include:

a) Expert drill cutting examination

b) Specializing in the identification and interpretation of complex geological structures in both conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs

c) Gas detection supervision & interpretation

d) Comprehensive daily morning reports to the client

e) Supervision & collaboration of Wellsite Services (MWD, Directional, Wireline Loggers, Mudloggers, etc.)

f) Geo-Steering and Well path guidance

g) Maintaining an up-to-date detailed strip log w/ daily updates as per the clients needs

h) Communication & management of daily wellsite operations as per clients request

i) Detailed & Concise final geological report w/ coloured logs & Cd submitted upon completion of well

j) Timely delivery of all wellsite samples (washed cutting vials, cores, sidewall cores, geojars, isotubes, etc.) to appropriate agents, labs & the Client

k) Safety Tickets:

  • H2S

  • First Aid


 GOLD CREEK is Committed to Safe and Pleasant Workplace.